After finding a piece of red coral ashore Bounty Beach in Malapascua, Philippines in January 2017 Océane decided to produce a brain coral out of aluminum as a memorial for all coral that has died due to coral bleaching and so climate change in the past 3 years. Coral Bleaching Memorial’s shine attracts people’s curiosity as society is attracted to shiny objects. Yet the shine represents the white of coral bleaching. The original piece of coral puzzles itself back in the sculpture to hint to the viewer that the rest of the coral should be red. 


In June 2017 Océane decided to travel back to  Malapascua  in order to return this sculpture to where it belongs, underwater as a memorial for divers to see. A metal plaque accompanies the sculpture, on it is engraved:


“Between 2014 and 2017 over 70% of the world’s coral was bleached or killed due to climate change. This is in memory of all the marine life lost in the ongoing mass-extinction”


With the help of Devocean Divers the artist believes this is a great contribution to coral education on the island of Malapascua for both tourists and locals.