About The Artist

Océane Jacob is a French multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Hong Kong currently living in Paris with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Through the constant theme of “In Deep Water” – both its literal and figurative meaning – Océane dedicates her work to highlighting the destruction of marine ecosystems in order to visually portray the urgency of the situation the world is currently in. In all her work Océane examines important ecological and sociopolitical challenges in engaging and provocative ways. She has focused on showcasing the fragility of corals, the ravages of the shark fin industry, and the invasion of garbage through sculpture whilst directing attention towards the ocean’s beauty and vulnerability in the face of modernization through marine photography.

Océane has also navigated the undercurrents of cultural and environmental politics: Politically, with “Yamaxa” a life-size iron lifejacket reflecting on the Syrian refugee crisis, with the discovery of a factory in Izmir, Turkey selling non-buoyant lifejackets. And culturally with “In the name of Tradition (Thresher Shark Tails)” which aims to draw attention to the controversy of the traditional Chinese dish – Shark Fin Soup whilst underlying sharks’ inherent and under-appreciated beauty. The visual contrast between the delicate hand-painted porcelain Chinese motifs and the chrome finish on the Thresher shark tails draws the viewer to weigh the importance between the dish’s monetary value, traditional value and environmental consequences.

In all her work, Océane presents pressing ecological and social issues, hoping to challenge our society in manners that are engaging, informative, and provocative in order to elicit an emotional response and incite a desire to protect those that are most vulnerable.