This project explores the layers of truth associated with our interactions with fish. The first glass plate shows the external view of a yellow-fin tuna. Using perspective, from the front view, this is the only visible slide. This demonstrates a diver’s viewpoint. The second glass peels back the colourful scales, revealing the raw flesh as it would be packaged in supermarkets. This slide reflects a consumer’s viewpoint. However, slide three exposes the fisherman’s – here plastic, metal and the string stuck in the fish’s organ highlight the overlooked pollution problem. As we naively contaminate our oceans with harmful chemicals and trash we turn our backs on the consequences of our actions. Because marine life mistakenly consumes our waste and we consume the marine life, we do not realize that we are contaminating ourselves, whether with cancerous chemicals, mercury, plastic or metal. The final glass paints the consequences of our acts, both for the fish and for us.


As we sow, so shall we reap.