In 2020 Océane was invited to construct a site-specific underwater sculptural coral sanctuary in Koh Kood, Thailand where she worked alongside a team of scuba divers and conservationists. As a passionate scuba diver and certified PADI Dive Master, Océane studied the health of the local fauna in order to determine which coral species to meticulously collect to increase biodiversity in the coral sanctuary whilst avoiding invasive species. The coral samples where then carefully incubated in a ‘Coral Nursery’ by the sculptures under ideal conditions until stable enough to be planted permanently on the sculptural sanctuary. 


Although the residency had to be cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Océane managed to successfully construct and plant four monumental manta rays underwater. The local team is now observing and maintaining the health of the Nursery and will soon transplant the first corals onto Océane’s sculptures. Both snorkelers and divers are invited to visit the permanent public installation and contemplate the importance coral colonies hold in the stability and preservation of the global ocean ecosystems and the animals that inhabit them. After all, corals are home to almost 25% of all known marine species.